Ei Group - Applicant timeline

Screenshot of the applicant timeline
Screenshot of the applicant timeline (click to enlarge)


Speed up the process of applying for a pub by making it easier for an applicant to see where they are in the process.

My role

To build the interface for the main timeline page and provide Figma mockups of features such as the user file upload.

  • Provide feedback on the design for the main timeline page.
  • Suggest technical approaches for building the page with Business Analysts and the rest of the developers.
  • Provide Figma mockups of the flow of specific areas such as the document upload flow.
Screenshot of the file uploads for users mockup
Screenshot of the file uploads for users mockup (click to enlarge)


  • There was some disagreement of how some of the ideas would work in practice.
  • Removing things that were technically possible but would potentially complicate things.


  • Creating the Figma wireframes really helped answer questions about how the flow and the functionality of the timeline would work. Being able to quickly change things and show these to the business helped to get us to finding solutions quicker.
  • The increased visibility of the application process to the applicant meant that they could supply us with what we need to progress the application quickly. This reduced the average 100 days to complete their application.